The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Forum and is constituted of recognized Political Organizations. Each Political Organization provides four (4) representatives in the Assembly, two of whom should be women.

The Bureau of the Forum is constituted of a Spokesperson and a Deputy Spokesperson. It has the responsibility of following up the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and of representing the Forum before the law.
The Spokesperson and the Deputy Spokesperson are elected by the General Assembly on individual basis and based on the principle of Political organisations’ succession to the leadership of the Forum. They are chosen from different Political Organizations and they are elected for a six (6) months non-renewable term. At least one of the members of the Bureau shall be a woman.

The Executive Secretariat is headed by the permanent Executive Secretary and is composed of different units and departments. The Executive Secretary is elected for a term of five (5) years renewable only once. The Executive Secretariat supervises and coordinates daily activities of the Forum.

Standing Committees:

1. Ethics and conflict resolution Committee;
2. Programmes and partnership Committee;
3. Communication and political dialogue Committee.

Each Committee is comprised of seven (7) members who are from different political organisations and appointed by the General Assembly of the Forum. Each Committee meets every two (2) months in its ordinary session. The term of office for members of the Committee shall be five (5) years renewable once.