The National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations (NFPO) is an institution established by the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 4th June, 2003 as amended to date, in its article 56, and it later started its operations on July 25th, 2003.

The idea of promoting permanent consultative mechanisms among political forces is in fact contained in the very spirit of the Arusha Peace Accord, with the objective of founding the power sharing system on the principles of the supremacy of national interests and the rule of law. The other imperative spelt out by the January 9, 1993 Protocol on power sharing was to provide political education to the members of Political Organizations for a common struggle against all forms of violence and political exclusion.
All of these principles, which guided the establishment of the Forum in 1994 after the war and the genocide to serve as a consultative framework among Political Organizations in the composition and management of Transitional Institutions, were confirmed by the Constitutional Referendum of May 26, 2003 which advocated dialogue and consultation as a way of carrying out political action and promoting multiparty democracy in Rwanda.

The NFPO works as a platform where Political Organisations recognized in Rwanda meet and discuss on the country’s problems and national policies, in the purpose of consensus building and national cohesion. The NFPO is a permanent framework for capacity building for member political organizations in the development of political activities and political service provision. It is also a framework for conflict mediation between political parties and for the promotion of the code of conduct which should characterize the political leadership in Rwanda.