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During this second week of youth training on general knowledge in politics and good governance, participants followed a lecture on the structure of their respective political organisations and their functioning. They learnt what a political organisation is, its importance, freedom for political organisation members, membership recruitment procedures, information dissemination procedures, resource sourcing, etc. The lecturecourse is taught by a political expert and lecturer at Kigali Independent University (ULK), Dr Venuste KARAMBIZI.

Dr Venuste KARAMBIZI giving a lecture

Dr Venuste KARAMBIZI giving a lecture

Besides Dr Venuste KARAMBIZI, Hon. Senators Antoine MUGESERA and Donatilla MUKABALISAfacilitated lectures followed by this youth. Hon. Mugesera gave a lecture on Globalisation and Transnational Political Systems and Hon. Donatilla MUKABALISA on Political Parties’ Statutes and Organisational Structures.

Hon. Donatilla MUKABALISA

Hon. Donatilla MUKABALISA

We remind you that these lectures take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 18:00 pm to 20:45 pm for those following them in the City of Kigali, at the head office of the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations officially recognised in Rwanda. For those following them in provinces, they are organised on weekend days. Currently, they are taking place at DEREVA Hotel, Rwamagana District, Eastern Province.

Hon. Senators Antoine MUGESERA

After each lecture, youth participants provide their feedback and ask questions requiring clarification. Questions asked relate either to the lecture as such or to any related field.

According to them, this training helps them understand the functioning of their respective political organisations, their rights and obligations. It also provides them with the opportunity to be informed about the power sharing principle and to acquire general knowledge on world affairs.

They are convinced that following this training is important not only for them but also for their respective political organisations. They assert that they have just acquired a wealth of knowledge in different areas even though they have been following the training for two weeks only.

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