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On October 06, 2014, a delegates team from the USAID chaired by its Democracy Specialist based in Newyork Dr. Carol Sahley paid visit to the National Consultative Forum of Political Organization (NFPO). The purpose for the visit was in framework of assessing the role of governance institutions’ role in promoting the civic participation.

She said: “I have visited many public and private institutions to know about the promotion of good governance and democracy, it is pleasure to see the way the National Political Party Forum has made such tremendous achievements in democracy promotion through reinforcing its actors or political parties capacities.

She added that it is very important for Rwanda’s political party Forum to raise its voice of dialogue and consensus.

Mr Jijuka Zephyrin, the NFPO program coordinator narrated the democracy transformational journey that Rwanda embarked on since the end of genocide in July 1994, which one of them is the NFPO establishement .
“Firstly the NFPO works as a platform where Political Organisations recognized in Rwanda meet and discuss on the country’s problems and national policies, in the purpose of consensus building and national cohesion. Secondly, it is a permanent framework for capacity building for member political organizations in the development of political activities and political service provision. It is also a framework for conflict mediation between political parties and for the promotion of the code of conduct which should characterize the political parties leadership in Rwanda". Jijuka elaborated. 

Mr Jijuka Zephyrin, the NFPO program coordinator

Through the talks held, Dr. Carol acquired the answers on how the Forum works with the National Electoral Commission, different government bodies, the parliament, the Senate and other national and international partners.

She added that the discussions held with the NFPO will help the USAID to develop the future projects to be implemented in joint partnership with the government of Rwanda and other partners’ institutions and organizations.

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