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Through the continuous Youth political leadership training program (YPLA), the aspirant youth from all political parties members of the NFPO and attending the program were briefed on social media use and the reason why they are required to be used for respective party development.

Social Media

Social media were defined as a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content”( Andreas Kaplan & Michael Haenlein).

During the active sessions both in Kigali and Huye branches, participants were introduced on the role to be played by social media tools such as front gate on the World Wide Web (for Internet – email and blogs), social media sites and sms.

Through expertise from different keynotes speakers including Haruka Nakayama and Mr Rajiv Ranjan, both from UNDP and Madam USANASE Aimee, YPLA participants Madam were told that Social Media are variety of Web-based platforms, applications and technologies that enable people to socially interact with one another online.


Thereafter, they discussed on existing mobile Application which are defined as mobile applications described as Internet applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices through the current smartphone, known as a handheld device that integrates mobile phone capabilities with the more common features of a handheld computer or PDA.

In Practice

For the practice sessions, participants were assisted in creating, managing and communicating using social media and how to be used for managing relationships. On the role of social media for their party development, participants were told that social media highly contribute to party development in:
•Capturing community data from social media to understand attitudes, opinions and trends, and manage your online reputation
•Predicting community behavior and improve satisfaction by anticipating needs and recommending next best actions
•Creating customized campaigns and promotions that resonate with social media participants
•Identifying the primary influencers within specific social network channels and target them with unique offers an analytics is a powerful source for uncovering community sentiment dispersed across countless blogs, Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums and other such platforms.

The Social Media in Political party life contribute in awareness & campaign, recruitment, party meetings organisations, fundraising and electoral campaign.
Later on, participants briefed on some existing challenges for fruitfull use of social media including infrastructure, limited Skills, audience not equiped with communication means and lack of specific Applications.

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