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The youth from political party members of the National Consultative Forum of political Organizations were during this week trained on principles of designing the political party programmes for their party development.

Youth Political Leadership Academy trainees

The above item is one of different topics designed through the Youth political Leadership program as a capacity building program designed by the NFPO and focusing on the youth from political parties.
During the topic presentation by both Mr SINDAYIHEBA Fabien and Dr Eric Nsabimana, they briefed the youth attending the current YPLA intake that a political program is a plan of the actions through which the vision behind a particular ideology might be realized and later on it was presented the standard principles and guidelines to be applied for a party in designing their programmes and political manifestos while generally speaking, manifestos can be contrasted as party programmes they are not because unlike party programmes, manifestos are malleable since they focus primarily on those issues that a party believes to be important in fourth coming elections.

Dr Eric Nsabimana and Mr SINDAYIHEBA Fabien YPLA trainers

Trainers also highlighted the needs for a party to have such most important documents. Besides the party candidates, the political program is party product/merchandise offered to voters which must fulfill two functions: population interests and orientation and influence of public will.
It was argued to participants that such political programs should attempt to respond to problems facing the people, it also creates the relationship between leaders and voters and in any way, it should be a basis for a political action.

Trainees in groups

Finally, in group working sessions, they performed well in party programs designing and each group work were presented to all participants for further discussions and explanations.
It is currently reported that all political parties in Rwanda have their written political programmes and manifestos as required by the code of conduct of political parties and their members as amended on February 4th, 2014.

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