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In line with the implementation of the of the Deepening Democracy and Accountable Governance programme( DDAG), the programme steering committee has organised a joint field visit to monitor the implementation of the annual action plan and allow experience sharing and peer learning. The team visited the Youth political leadership Academy (YPLA) a capacity building program initiated and managed by the NFPO.

YPLA Trainees

ONE UN Resident Coordinator Dr Lamin Manneh

The visiting team chaired by the ONE UN Resident Coordinator Dr Lamin Manneh and Prof Shyaka Anastase charing the project steering Committee was received by Hon. Byabarumwanzi Francois, the NFPO spokesperson.

The visiting team started by following one of the program topic related to political leadership and change Management and there after they hold open discussion on the program implementation achievements and success.

NFPO spokesperson

Through discussions, the NFPO spokesperson briefed the visiting team the satisfaction level on joint partnership through current programs and reminded them that the new NFPO strategic plan (2016- 2020) is being drafted for covering next elections purposes.
On behalf of the One Un Resident Coordinator Dr Lamin Manneh, he reiterated participants that the Deepening Democracy and Accountable Governance programme (DDAG) was developed through joint partnership with different actors including Sweden Embassy which was represented by Mr L. Jemt there present and member of visiting team. Also he went through role played by the NFPO through reinforcing the political party capacity in terms of leadership and party development.

Sweden Embassy representative Mr L. Jemt

Speaking on behalf of the DDAG steering committee, Prof Shyaka Anastase thanked the NFPO for the capacity building programs initiated in line with its mission and responsibilities.

Prof Shyaka Anastase

Visitors shared a glass

He went further saying that the NFPO is one among the national change mechanism known in the country tasked to promote national consensus and democratic values in conducive environment. He also thanked ONE UN team for supporting the governance sector in Rwanda as the project currently supports different governance institutions including Rwanda Governance Board, NFPO, parliament, Media High Council and National Electoral Commission.

The DDAG team

The YPLA was launched in 2010 as a training program aiming at enhancing the capacity of party members to take on increasing leadership roles within their respective parties. This could involve building the organizational and management skills of party to contribute to political party development. It started initially with a focus on youth but later expanded to adult political party members and moved from a focus on Kigali to the national level.
The program objectives are empowering and inspiring young political leaders to become capable and responsible leaders in the future as well providing them with necessary tools to enhance their interest in politics; Prepare youth in political parties for leadership roles and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to meaningfully participate actively in their party leadership development and provide the youth the necessary skills and knowledge for their understanding of the leadership and global politics principles in order to participate effectively in national political governance and country development.

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